A Relaxing Treat For A Tired Body

Feeling tired and exhausted? Need a vacation? You don’t need to worry this simple blog will help you to think where will be the best place to relax your precious body. Nowadays, everyone knows the beach – yes the beach, a place where you can chill, unwind and refresh yourself. It is the place where anyone …

Beach Sand Can Do Good to You!

Did you know that the soles of your feet have more sweat glands and nerve-endings per square centimeter than any other part of your body? And that walking barefoot stimulates them much more than walking in shoes? Not only are you stimulating nerve endings when you walk on the sand, but you're also strengthening the …

Bataan: Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel

Blog post from one of our guest ^__^

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Hoping to end this year 2016 with a bang, our group decided to have some fun at the beach plus some random outdoor activities! Enjoy the summer vibes even in the BER months with unique packages got from Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel. Besides the usual write ups and review, we got some extra tips below for your planning reference 🙂

Getting There

If you are coming from Manila via public transport –

Option 1 : From Avenida terminal, ride Genesis or Bataan Transit bus heading to Balanga. Tell the driver to drop you off at Alalui, Pilar. Travel Time: 3 hours | Fare: 209 php

From Pilar, ride a jeepney going to Bagac/Morong junction. Drop off at Friendship tower. Travel Time: 30 minutes | Fare: 30 php

Friendship Tower – Intersection

From junction, wait for mini bus heading to Morong town proper. Drop off at Morong tricycle terminal going to famous beach…

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Good morning from Morong Bataan!

  As an old cliché goes, "There is always a rainbow after the rain". Here are some scenic images of Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel. After few days of rain, things are back to normal. Photos are taken earlier today, Sept. 14, 2017.